Our Mission


Our all-female film crews create modern political ads for progressive candidates at the local and national level.

We take a personal, storytelling-based approach to campaign ads in order to help constituents better understand the issues they face — and get to know the candidates who will fight for them.

One Vote at a Time was founded in the 2016 election cycle to advocate for gun safety legislation. The election of Donald Trump only strengthened and expanded our efforts, and now we fight to elect progressive politicians at all levels of government. We’re a grassroots SuperPAC, but we’re fueled by contributions of ordinary citizens, not corporate giants or shady billionaires.

If Congress won’t change gun laws, we’ll have to change Congress, one vote at a time.
— Congresswoman Gabby Giffords

Our Team


Sarah Ullman

Co-FOUNDER + Co-Executive director

Sarah Ullman is a progress-minded filmmaker and advocate for equity in all its forms. She has created films on a myriad of issues, most recently food justice for ATTN: with Zooey Deschanel, and gun violence for Joss Whedon’s progressive SuperPAC "Save The Day." In the 2017 election cycle, she produced campaign ads for 19 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates; Sarah worked with 10 out of the 15 Virginia Democrats who flipped seats from red to blue in a "blue wave" election. She also directed the powerful political comedy video #DoYourJob, which garnered 11M views and 200K shares online. Sarah is the creator of The Jungle, a newsletter about the digital video ecosystem with an audience of studio heads, agents, executives, and content creators. Her production company, Master Plan, provides production and consulting services. Sarah has worked for and with companies and organizations like Maker Studios, DisneyXD, ATTN:, NFL, Paramount, Superfly, Reach Agency, Nestlé Toll House, Purina, JASH, SoulPancake, @radicalmedia, ICM, and The Media Impact Project.


Mara Tasker

Co-executive directoR

Mara Tasker’s directing and producing work often melds together pop culture and politics. As a lead producer for Broadly, VICE’s women’s news vertical, she produced a digital series centered around recognizable and socially active entertainers discussing the social issues inside their art. She now works independently as a producer and creative director for such companies as Conde Nast, Crypt TV and Conscious Period. She is most passionate about producing in the field, comfortably engaging with people of all backgrounds and drawing out impassioned interviews. To watch some of Mara’s work, click here.


Irene Shin

political advisoR

Irene Shin is the Political Advisor for One Vote at a Time. She has worked for an array of progressive campaigns and organizations, including Senator Kamala Harris and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, and has raised millions of dollars for candidates and causes. In her role as the Political Director for Crowdpac, she has helped hundreds of candidates run for all levels of office. She currently serves on the Boards of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table, Competitive Commonwealth Fund, and Sister District Project.


Lauren Kushner

Co-founder emeRitus

Lauren Kushner is the co-founder of One Vote At A Time. She is a consultant for documentary films and specializes in implementing strategy for funding, distribution, marketing, and impact campaigns. She started her career working in documentary film at Participant Media, with a focus on festival strategy, marketing, filmmaker support, and content curation. She is passionate about connecting stories and audiences to spark change. Lauren is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the non-profit Stop Stalking Us which uses content raise awareness and build resources and a community for victims of stalking.


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