We create modern political ads that support progressive causes and candidates for office.


We're raising $35,000 to create campaign videos for progressive candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates in the November 2017 election.

Compelling campaign ads will help these small campaigns in Virginia talk about the issues, expand their reach to more voters, and WIN.

We’re working with our friends at Flippable to identify which candidates in Virginia to support.

Contribute to help us turn Virginia blue, one vote at a time!

Past projects

Mary’s Story supports Question 1, the Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative. Mary Inman from Elko, NV, was murdered by her ex husband, a felon who should not have owned a gun. The video pairs her story with statistics about the intersection of gun and domestic violence. It was distributed on Facebook to Nevada voters. Question 1 passed by just over 9000 votes.

Directed by Sarah Ullman; Produced by Lauren Kushner and Sarah Ullman

Blood Money targeted Senators up for re-election in 2016 who had voted “no” on every piece of background checks legislation, sometimes as soon as 24 hours after a mass shooting. Produced for Joss Whedon’s SuperPAC Save The Day, we created five different videos targeting five different Senators and distributed the pieces to each respective state on Facebook using paid media.

Directed by Sarah Ullman; Produced by Joss Whedon and Ben Sheehan; Written by Ben Sheehan, Sarah Ullman, and Joss Whedon

#DoYourJob takes aim at Senate Republicans who refused to hold a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. This video about political obstructionism garnered 200K shares and over 10.5M views.

Directed by Sarah Ullman; Produced by JASH, Sarah Ullman, and Vidme; Written by Bryan Cook